Reimagining Place: Identity, Healing and Justice with Dr. Maria Rosario Jackson

Dr. Maria Rosario Jackson, a community planning expert and institute professor at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions at Arizona State University, shares her vision for integrating arts and culture into placemaking as a way to reckon with racial trauma and restore dignity to the oppressed.

Dr. Jackson argues that community planning, as it is practiced now, has not reckoned with the harm of its historically fraught and often racist history.  “Our bar is low.  We aspire to help people survive often, but not thrive,” she said.

In this latest talk from the ANA-JHU Social Justice Summer Series, Dr. Jackson discusses the importance of “cultural kitchens” or healing spaces that cultivate the kind of cultural participation and self-determination crucial to equity and justice.

Watch the entire talk here:


This is article is a part of IAM Lab’s regularly updated series on Arts for Health Equity and Social Justice which will examine the role of the arts in social change.   

Please join us as we Look & Listen—engaging with the art emerging in this historical moment—so that we can Learn and then take meaningful Action in the social justice movement.

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