IAM Lab and Neuroaesthetics Partners Featured in Johns Hopkins Magazine

Johns Hopkins Magazine recently profiled the International Arts + Mind Lab (IAM Lab) in the Fall 2019 issue, highlighting its growing body of work in the field of neuroaesthetics—at Hopkins and around the world. IAM Lab executive director Susan Magsamen spoke with Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson about the vision of the lab as a hub of collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

Earlier this year, IAM Lab worked in partnership with Google, Reddymade Architecture and Design and Muuto, to create A Space for Being, a neuroaesthetics exhibit exploring design’s impact our biology and wellbeing.

Ivy Ross, vice president of hardware design at Google, wanted to showcase neuroaesthetics in action after meeting Magsamen and learning about the field just a few years ago. “Science can finally help explain what many of us in art, architecture, and design have known intuitively: that space matters, that art matters, and that it impacts how we feel,” said Ross in Johns Hopkins Magazine. The exhibit made its worldwide debut at Milan Design Week in April and was a hit with visitors.

IAM Lab is also heading up 12 Impact Thinking collaborations that address fundamental questions about the effect that art, music and design have on the brain and how this power can be harnessed to improve health, wellbeing and learning.

To learn more about IAM Lab’s work, read the full story here:



Written and reported by IAM Lab Editorial Assistant Richard Sima. Richard received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins and is a science writer based in Baltimore, Maryland. 

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